Fraud Stunts in Video Advertising?

Wall Street Journal warns advertisers in this video from fraud stunts in the field of video advertising. Nowadays, companies transfer their ad budgets to online and one of the common online ways is video advertising – where they can target their users better. The web video ad spending is expected to double itself in 2015: from 4.14 billion Dollars in 2014 to 8.04 billion. According to the video, there are some websites who exploit the situation for fraud stunts.

Watch the important video:

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China and its Growing Use of Mobile Phones to Get Online

How do the internet users in China get online? There are three major devices, according to this interesting infographic of ChinaChace: 74% of the users get online by desktops, 66% by mobile phones and 46% by laptops. In Webmedia, we see especially in Asia (as well as in China) that more and more users use their mobile phones in order to get online.

Facts about China

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Watch: Online Advertising Trends Towards 2015

If you want to set in the most concise online advertising trends towards 2015, so the words that come up in our minds are: mobile, local and social.

Online advertising is changing constantly updated and those who may miss opportunities to spend money in vain.

In his fascinating presentation, Evan Woock, National Sales Manager at Pinger, discusses how companies like Facebook, Buzzfeed, Pinterest and others are using local advertising to revolutionize the mobile advertising landscape.

Watch the presentation:

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Watch: Why is Mobile Advertising Successful?

In this great video of Google, you can see how smartphones affect our lives. For example, 81 percent of the population searches online through their smartphones, over 48 percent view videos through it and 63 percent are connected to social networks via telephone.

70 percent of smartphone users, use it when they are in stores – to compare prices, read reviews, get coupons and more. When the world changes its habits, it is not a surprise that mobile advertising works.

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Compensation Methods

Webmedia - Compensation Methods (bplanet)

Webmedia – Compensation Methods (bplanet)

The compensation methods are a general set of pricing and business models used for various types of online advertising campaigns. The PPC (Pay Per-Click), the PPS (Pay-Per-Sale) and the PPL (Pay-Per Lead) are all examples of some of the most widely used online compensation methods.

The one thing you want to be absolutely clear about when designing an online advertising campaign for a client is that you choose and use the proper model in order to maximize his revenues. For us here at Webmedia, making the wrong choice when it comes to compensation methods is simply not an option.

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Click Fraud

Clickfraud - Webmedia

Clickfraud – Webmedia (digitalart)

It is now clear that the Pay Per-Click method has become one of the most popular advertising techniques used online.

However, sometimes PPC can turn into an unpleasant trap when a person or computer software commits an intentional click fraud in order to force the business to spend a big amount of money on his PPC campaign without actually wanting to purchase the goods or the service the business has to offer.

In order to avoid the click fraud, our Webmedia experts recommend reducing your financial exposure by limiting the ads you place on mainstream websites relevant to your keywords.

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WebMedia – The Answer for Your Business

Why WebMedia is the answer for many businesses?

  • We use mobile app optimization platform that is integrated with more than 90 mobile traffic sources.
  • Our access to in – app impressions is approximately 50 million daily in both iOS and Android.
  • Ability to identify during short periods of time the best performing sources and dynamically drive the highest number of downloads.
  • Using the leading mobile tracking systems.
  • Global traffic reach.

Read more here:

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WMADV-WebMedia in the Largest Mobile Game Conference

WMADV-WebMedia Online Advertising will take part in “Winter Nights Mobile Games Conference”. The international conference will be held on 7-8 February 2014 in Russia. This conference is the largest conference that deals with mobile games developement. Many leading companies will reach the conference, and WMADV-WebMedia among them.


WMADV in the Largest Mobile Game Conference


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Programmatic Marketing Platforms are a Win-Win-Win

A 2013 IDC report stated that by 2016, nearly $14 billion will be spent on real-time buying of online ads. This demonstrates tremendous growth for the online advertising industry. The report further forecasts $66 billion will be spent in 2016 for programmatic marketing platforms – are you paying attention yet?

Published by WMADV Advertising


Picture: Stuart Miles

Programmatic Marketing Platforms refer to a relatively new advertising solution that applies technology, real time data and multiple media channels. Using data driven marketing, advertisers can make more effective decisions regarding their ad dollars.

PMP effectively uses audience targeting and media optimization to allow marketers to launch and monitor highly targeted marketing campaigns with unprecedented granularity.

Marketers today, according to WMADV, are able to gather an incredible amount of data on users that help to target messages and advertisements with precision and effectiveness. Previous search history, items bookmarked or purchased, mobile devices used, social network activity and more.

Everyday Example Continue reading

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RTB Advertising – Just like Wall Street

In Wall Street movies, we often see stock managers pouring over computer screens, waving their hands as they buy and sell stock, making or losing millions. Its high energy, high pressure and incredibly fast paced.

The text is written by WMADV


RTB Advertising – Stuart Miles

Pan out to online advertising, and today we see the adoption of real time bidding (RTB) that may not be as high stakes, but is fast paced enough and uses sophisticated computer algorithms to rival the stock market.

RTB buys and sells online advertising in real time, one impression at a time, and online ad network companies like WMADV-Webmedia specialize in RTB for the benefit of advertiser, publisher and user.

So how does RTB work? Continue reading

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